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ABB Baldor Reliance 501 Motors: Tomorrow’s Efficiency Available Today

VCA and ABB are offering the Baldor Reliance 501 Motors designed to reduce the lifetime costs associated with industrial processes and equipment due to their reliability and efficiency.  When you choose a Baldor Reliance Motor, you get a motor backed by more than 100 years of safe productivity and performance.   Over 90% of Baldor Reliance Motors meet the Buy American Act, and the new Severe Duty XT Motors complete the offering of ultra-premium motors. 

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ABB SACE Tmax XT: Innovation in Your Hands

VCA is introducing the PUT manufacturer name here SACE Tmax XT molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) with ranges that help ensure extreme performance and protection features up to 1200 amps.

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Push-In Spring Motor Starting Solution: Handy, Easy, & Speedy

VCA and ABB are offering the new Push-In Spring Motor Solution. This technology is revolutionizing motor starting solution installation! One push is all that is required for extremely fast wiring.  Since no tool is required, the Push-In Spring can save wiring time by up to 50% compared to conventional spring solutions.  The tagline “Just Push It” says it all as that clearly describes the speed, ease, and reliability of the Push-In Spring Motor Solution.

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ABB EMAX 2: Do Not “Trip” Over This Product!

VCA and ABB are now offering an even more powerful and more accurate circuit breaker; the upgraded Emax 2.

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Earn CEU Credits with ABB

To keep your certifications current, are you expected to earn CEU credits? ABB is here to help! Here are a few of the free CEU qualifying classes that ABB offers.

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Save Valuable Time and Money with ABB’s SACE Tmax XT Circuit Breakers

ABB’s newest generation of molded case circuit breakers, the SACE Tmax XT series, is more than meets the eye.

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The ABB ACS255: Ready for Outdoor Applications

ABB customers have long been requesting a Type 4X drive that is UV resistant for outdoor applications, and with the re-designed ACS255, their need has been met!  With new UV resistant plastic covers and facia decal/display windows, the ACS255 is more suitable for outdoor applications where UV exposure would degrade the components of other 4X drives.

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ABB’s TrueONE Automatic Transfer Switch

Simplify and streamline enclosure space with ABB’s TrueONE™ ATS solution. This consolidated product offers speedy installation by eliminating all wire harnesses, distributor electronics, voltage transformers, and external controllers in favor of a four-screw install. That cuts down on installation time by up to 80%.

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Eden: ABB’s Non-Contact Safety Sensor

Eden Non-Contact SensorABB’s non-contact safety sensor, Eden, is the perfect interlocking device solution for doors and safe position monitoring. These Adam and Eva paired sensors use LED indication and status information to reduce downtime and notify of disconnects.

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Electrical Braking from ABB


No. 8 in ABB’s technical guide series focuses on electrical braking as it relates to cranes, elevators, centrifuges, downhill conveyors, and test benches. Continue reading