WAGO Basic Controller 100 - 750-8000 and 750-8001
As industrial automation continues to advance, finding solutions that elevate machine performance, streamline development, and cut expenses remains a top priority for OEMs. The Basic Controller 100 series from WAGO emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency, tailored to meet these demands with precision and reliability. Here’s a closer look at how this cutting-edge technology is set to transform the industry.

Designed for Simplicity and Efficiency

Key Features:

  • Memory and Width: Both models offer substantial memory capacities, with the standard model featuring up to 32MB for data storage. The devices are compact, with widths of just 2 and 2.4 inches.
  • Connectivity: Dual Ethernet ports support essential protocols like MODBUS TCP/UDP, facilitating seamless network integration.
  • User Interface: A built-in web server enables HTML 5 web visualizations, enhancing system monitoring and user interaction.

Robust Programming and Security Features

  • Security: Advanced on-board features include TLS 1.3 for web server security and integrated role-based access control (RBAC).
  • Programming: Utilizes CODESYS 3.5 development software, supporting multiple programming languages, which streamlines development and debugging processes.

Environmental Resilience and Compliance

  • Operating Conditions: Functions reliably within temperatures ranging from 32°F to 131°F.
  • Certifications: Complies with cULus 61010 and UL for hazardous locations, and holds Marine DNV approval for marine applications.

Future-Proof Technology

  • Upcoming Features: Will support OPC UA Server/Client/PubSub functionalities by the end of 2023, enhancing connectivity and data exchange capabilities.

The Basic Controller 100 series by WAGO represents a pivotal advancement in the field of industrial automation. With its robust features, flexibility, and compliance with international standards, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for automation engineers looking to optimize their operations and reduce costs. As industries continue to demand more advanced and secure automation solutions, the Basic Controller 100 series is poised to be at the forefront, driving productivity and innovation.

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