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Meeting Your PID Needs with an IDEC PLC

VCA and IDEC are introducing the MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC that stretches performance beyond micro PLC limits. With its 2,060 I/O capacity, this PLC can control large machines or entire small scale manufacturing facilities. It provides more capabilities for even the most demanding applications.

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CODESYS: Realization of Intelligent Automation

VCA and WAGO are offering CODESYS, a software platform for industrial automation technology. The core of the platform is the IEC-61131-3 programming tool “CODESYS Development System.”

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The IDEC FC6A Plus Series: Massive Impact in a Small Footprint

VCA and IDEC are thrilled to bring you the FC6A Plus programmable logic controller. IDEC is a pioneer in programmable logic controllers, meeting your business’ automation needs decade after decade. The MicroSmart FC6A series continues its legacy by bringing you results you can trust!

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Automation Builder: ABB’s All-In-One Solution

Automation Builder is ABB’s integrated programming, simulation, commissioning and maintenance environment for PLCs, safety, drives, motion, control panels and SCADA. Combining the proven ABB Tool Drive Manager, Drive Composer pro, Mint WorkBench, Panel Builder and ABB Zenon, Automation Builder will help you enhance your engineering productivity when designing your automation solutions.

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Decentralized Field Power: Introducing FIEPOS from PULS

When it comes to machine and systems engineering, the need for flexible and modular systems is becoming more prevalent. Key to that success is decentralization of system components.  Decentralization speeds up system planning, simplifies maintenance and enables easy expansion of the system.

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Global Networks Made Easy: Introducing “Industry 4.0 Starter Kits” from TOSIBOX

In 2020, Vision Control and Automation announced our exciting new partnership with TOSIBOX, the new standard for building global networks. Designed to simplify your remote connectivity, TOSIBOX is an easy to implement and use solution for creating and managing global operation networks, while automating the creation of secure remote access.

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Installing the Red Lion FlexEdge

Earlier this year we introduced the Red Lion FlexEdge, a highly scalable IIoT platform that includes secure networking features along with powerful automation capabilities.

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Transitioning from the ACS550 to the ACS580

Are you currently using ABB’s ACS550 general purpose drive? If you are, it’s time to start considering updating your drives to the ACS580 series instead.

As of July 1, 2021 the ACS550 will transition to the Classic phase of their life cycle phase. While a full range of services and support are still available for these products, it’s expected that in 2023 they will be transitioned to the Limited phase, where a limited range of services and support are available. 

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ABB speaks EtherNet/IP. Fluently.

Is your current system based on a choice that was made long ago? If it was, that doesn’t mean that you’re still stuck with the antiquated or underperforming drives that were originally chosen.

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Five Reasons Why You Need TOSIBOX

Vision Controls & Automation announced our partnership with TOSIBOX late last year. TOSIBOX has created the new standard for secure OT networks, remote maintenance and network management. If we haven’t already convinced you that you should use TOSIBOX to secure networks, here are the top five reasons why you should consider it.

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