ABB MKey RFID Safety Locks

The ABB MKey RFID Safety Lock is a pioneering solution designed to improve safety and operational efficiency across various industrial environments. This advanced locking system integrates robust mechanics with innovative RFID technology, offering top-tier security and user convenience.

High-Level Safety Compliance

  • Dual-channel interlock: Combines mechanical and RFID technologies, achieving PL e / SIL3 safety levels.
  • Safety standards: Meets EN ISO 13849 and ISO 62061, ensuring top-level safety for interlocking functions.
  • Strong holding force: Delivers a holding force up to 3000 N, securing doors, gates, and hatches reliably.

Versatile and Robust Design

  • Material options: Available in plastic, die-cast metal, and stainless steel to suit various industrial needs.
  • Harsh environment suitability: Stainless steel models feature IP67/IP69K protection and a temperature range of -25 to +40°C, perfect for stringent conditions like those found in food and beverage processing.

User-Friendly Features

  • Easy installation: Single unit houses both interlock and safety lock, simplifying setup.
  • Quick-connect system: Uses an M12 connector to minimize cabling requirements.
  • LED indicators: Provide extensive status information, facilitating quick troubleshooting and reducing downtime.

Enhanced Security with RFID Technology

  • RFID interaction: Utilizes electromagnetic fields to read passive tags with unique codes, enhancing security against unauthorized access.
  • High coding level: Each key is coded with one of 30 million unique codes as per EN ISO 14119 standards.

Flexibility and Convenience

  • Rotatable head: Can be adjusted into four different positions for varied mounting options.
  • Emergency features: Includes options for rear escape release and manual emergency unlocking.

The ABB MKey RFID safety lock is an integral safety solution that combines advanced features with practical design. It embodies ABB’s commitment to leading industrial safety technology, offering smart, secure, and efficient safety enhancements for modern industrial applications.

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