Gone are the days of an on-site presence, long execution times, safety risks, and heavy costs associated with the commissioning and fine tuning of new machine operation. Virtual commissioning with ABB Ability™ allows engineers, machine builders, and system integrators to create and simulate industrial processing equipment before the drives are even received, configured, tested, and deployed. Thanks to ABB Ability virtual commissioning, efficient power conversion of electricity to motion is fully under your control with digital replicas of powertrain components and CAD models, which can be used for early validation of the complete system and its energy consumption. The best-in-class tools suite enables real-life simulations, and the same data and ABB software tools can be used across projects in both virtual and real environments.

ABB Ability Virtual Commissioning for Drives

ABB Ability Virtual Commissioning takes the mystery out of drive applications and makes it easier to:

  • Design, test, and learn drive applications virtually with the same software tools as the actual hardware
  • Tune up drive parameters off-site before going into more demanding on-site testing
  • Find and solve potential problems earlier
  • Save time and money getting to production faster
  • Assist the dimensioning and energy optimization of electromechanical drive systems
  • Test future improvements virtually before implementing them in the process
  • Train users with the simulation application
  • Support continuous learning, feedback and optimization between the virtual and real machine

Engineers can design, configure, and program safely and efficiently well before receiving ABB drives, since the same software tools, like Drive Composer Pro, can be used with virtual and real drives. Virtualization can also cover the kinematic and physical behavior of the machine and the overriding automation. Not to mention, virtual drives can also be used with the ABB Robot Studio and ABB Automation Builder programming tools to build more complete virtual machines and processing lines.

ABB Ability™ Virtual Commissioning for Drives Video

Watch this video and see why the ABB Ability Virtual Commissioning for drives is right for your project!

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