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U.S. Power Generation: The Latest Scoop

The energy industry in the U.S. is buzzing with action, thanks to a big push towards renewable sources like wind and solar. Here’s a rundown on what’s happening and what to expect in the power generation sector.

Engineer Spotlight – Nathan Vanderloop

Meet… Nathan Vanderloop! Nathan is an Engineering Manager with Vision Control & Automation and SE Automation. He works out of our Appleton, WI location. Get to know Nathan!

Manager Minute – Madison Trunley

Meet… Madison Trunley! Madison is the Human Resource Manager for the Standard Electric family of companies. She works out of our Milwaukee, WI location. Get to know Madison!What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity? Why? I enjoy taking my dog to new parks around...

24/7 Technical Support

Whether you’re facing an unexpected challenge or need expert advice, the Vision Control & Automation 24/7 Technical Support Team is here to ensure your operations run smoothly around the clock. Our 24-Hour Emergency Hotline is always open: 1-800-318-4618.

Advanced Automation Simplified with the WAGO Basic Controller 100 Series

As industrial automation continues to advance, finding solutions that elevate machine performance, streamline development, and cut expenses remains a top priority for OEMs. The Basic Controller 100 series from WAGO emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency, tailored to meet these demands with precision and reliability.

The Key to Safety: Unlocking the Potential of ABB MKey RFID Safety Locks

The ABB MKey RFID safety lock is a pioneering solution designed to improve safety and operational efficiency across various industrial environments. This advanced locking system integrates robust mechanics with innovative RFID technology, offering top-tier security and user convenience.

Paradise of Protection: Eden’s Non-Contact Safety Sensors Create Safer Workspaces

In the realm of industrial processes, safety is not just a compliance requirement but a cornerstone of sustainable operations. Enter the Eden Non-Contact Safety Sensors by ABB—a groundbreaking solution designed to blend seamlessly into any environment. These sensors utilize advanced technology to create an invisible safety barrier, offering impeccable protection and unparalleled reliability.

Future-Proof Your Enclosures: Rittal Blue e+ for Optimal Climate Management

Efficient management of enclosure climate is essential for maintaining system integrity and reducing operational costs in our rapidly evolving industrial landscape. The Rittal Blue e+ fan-and-filter units represent a significant leap forward in enclosure climate control technology. Offering a blend of energy efficiency, smart monitoring capabilities, and robust performance, these units are engineered to meet the diverse needs of modern industries.