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Global Networks Made Easy: Introducing “Industry 4.0 Starter Kits” from TOSIBOX

In 2020, Vision Control and Automation announced our exciting new partnership with TOSIBOX, the new standard for building global networks. Designed to simplify your remote connectivity, TOSIBOX is an easy to implement and use solution for creating and managing global operation networks, while automating the creation of secure remote access.

Here’s how TOSIBOX works:

To make your introduction to TOSIBOX even easier, we’re excited to announce the launch of “Industry 4.0 Starter Kits.” These starter kits include everything you need to automatically setup, manage, secure and get the most out of your cloud-based applications. With a starter kit, you’ll have the flexibility to build and concentrate your OT network anywhere while ensuring that it remains secure. You’ll also be able to collect data across the entire network, concentrated in one place.

What’s Included in a Starter Kit?

  • 2 Sites (Full Class A Networks)
  • 3 Users (Including a Network Admin User)
  • 90 Day Private Hosted Environment
  • Application server for your favorite IA applications
  • Factory setup to start using and reporting immediately

Are you already a TOSIBOX user? We’re also introducing “Industry 4.0 Expansion Kits”

For more information on starter kits and expansion kits, contact a member of the VCA team using the button below.

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