With the Red Lion® FlexEdge® with HDMI® platform powered by intuitive Crimson® configuration software, you’ll experience powerful ways to access and visualize your industrial data quickly and easily. Effortlessly create real-time productivity scoreboards in just minutes and set up simple applications to configure communications protocols and define data tags for access. Quickly deploy customized dashboards to a smart TV utilizing the onboard HDMI port and adapt displays to your specifications with advanced programming capabilities. With FlexEdge, plant floor operators are empowered with real-time visual awareness and management of current production rates and goals, keeping production teams on target, and informed of KPIs.

Red Lion FlexEdge with HDMI - L
Red Lion FlexEdge with HDMI - R

Key Features & Benefits

  • Develop and deploy productivity dashboards with included templates.
  • Directly collect and map data with the simple no-code drag-and-drop interface.
  • Use the built-in graphics library to visually represent your application with over 5,000 drag-and-drop industrial graphic elements.
  • Send information with ease and sync data to FTP and MS SQL servers.
  • Set up alerts and send notifications via email with attached report or logged data files, using the built-in mail manager.
  • Use the built-in Cloud Connectors to link your productivity application data to cloud providers, including Azure, AWS, Cumulocity, Sparkplug, Aveva or other MQTT brokers.
FlexEdge with HDMI on Plant Floor

To learn more about how the FlexEdge with HDMI by Red Lion can bring visual management capabilities to your data, contact our  Specialists at Vision Control & Automation today!