Vision Control and Automation (VCA) and Techtop motors partner to offer the best cost-effective quality motors in our industry. Providing general purpose, definite purpose and DC permanent magnet motors, Techtop Electric Motors has over 30 years of experience designing motors with unique premium features to ensure reliable operation in severe environments. Like VCA, Techtop is a family-owned company taking complete ownership in the design, manufacturing, and sale of electric motor products for industrial and commercial applications.Techtop cover image

Techtop is unique as they provide:

Lap Winding:  a hand wound system ensuring precision placement of coils and phase insulation.  It is manually inserted causing less wire stress and it has VPI insulation which eliminates resin voids. Finally, it is sealed with Anti-microbial coating.

Ingress Protection:  TECHTOP’s standard TEFC enclosure meets severe duty IP55. An innovative approach to bearing and terminal box sealing keeps harsh environment elements outside the motor.

Techtop delivers the latest in:

  • General purpose motors: These are the most common and versatile electric motors. They can be used for various applications, such as pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, mixers, blowers, etc.
  • Definite purpose motors: These electric motors are designed for specific applications with special requirements or characteristics. They can be used for high slip, washdown, Chrisuer, or Phase Converters applications.
  • DC permanent magnet motors: These electric motors use direct current (DC) electricity and permanent magnets to create motion. They are more efficient, compact, and powerful than AC motors.

Techtop Electric Motors is committed to providing customers with reliable, efficient, cost-effective electric motors. They have a strict quality control system that ensures their products meet or exceed international standards. They also have a dedicated customer service team that provides technical support and after-sales service.

Techtop Electric Motors is a reliable and efficient choice for your power needs. Whether you need an electric motor for general purpose, definite purpose, or DC permanent magnet applications, you can find the right one at Techtop Electric Motors. Contact VCA today to learn more about the Techtop products we carry!