Ewon and Vision Control and Automation (VCA) are proud to present the Ewon Cosy+. Accessing your equipment from anywhere, anytime, and doing it securely is important.  Ewon’s Cosy+, lets you establish a secure VPN connection between your machine (PLC, HMI, or other devices) and any of your devices. You can remotely access your machines for maintenance or troubleshooting purposes wherever and whenever you want.

Cosy+ is not just another remote access device. It’s a game-changer for anyone who works with machines. Here are some of the benefits of using Cosy+:

  • Easy setup: The Cosy+ is designed for quick deployment and successful connectivity without requiring advanced IT knowledge. You plug it in, connect to the internet and your machine network, and follow the simple steps on the web interface.
  • Suitable for any situation: The Cosy+ device, you can access Talk2M, a highly secure industrial cloud service that handles all the communication between you and your machines. Talk2M also provides free desktop, mobile, and web clients that let you access your machines from any device and platform.
  • High level of security: The Cosy+ integrates an unprecedented level of hardware security. It features a built-in Secure Element chip that protects secrets and provides a Hardware Root of Trust. It also has a birth certificate that prevents cloning and counterfeiting and a secure boot sequence that ensures only code signed by Ewon is executed. Moreover, it uses strong encryptions for all communications with Talk2M, ISO 27001 certified, and partnered with NVISO for cybersecurity. The Cosy+ also allows you to control the remote connectivity locally with an external key switch. You can even setup the Cosy+ with a digital output to indicate an active remote connection.

Want to learn even more about the Cosy+? Click here to watch a short video!

With Ewon Cosy+, you can provide effective and sustainable machine support, save time and money, and gain a significant long-term competitive advantage. Contact your Account Manager or a VCA  Applications Specialist to learn more!