Vision Control and Automation and Omron are featuring the Omron MicroHAWK V430-F barcode reader.  The MicroHAWK V430-F is rugged, ultra-compact, and easy to install and use all while featuring best-in-class decoding for 1D/2D or DPM codes. Best yet, it has a built-in web server that allows you to securely connect to the barcode reader from your laptop or tablet.

OMRON MicroHAWKThe MicroHAWK from Omron can decode barcodes on various products, with different shapes, sizes, and materials, even if they are hard to read or if the surface is dusty, dry, or humid Additionally, the MicroHAWK is the smallest IP65/67-rated, true-industrial Ethernet barcode reader on the market.

A unique feature of the MicroHawk is its liquid lens which allows for unlimited autofocus. When performing autofocus tens of thousands of times, code readers with a mechanical focus mechanism typically break because the drive mechanism has deteriorated. The V430-F Series, on the other hand, uses a liquid lens that offers infinite autofocus and long life because it does not require a driving mechanism or motor.

Watch this short video to see even more of the MicroHAWK.

The Omron MicroHAWK V430-F allows you to read all product barcodes in minutes without errors or delays. If you want to learn more about how the Omron MicroHAWK V430-F can benefit your project, please contact your Account Manager or any VCA Applications Engineer.