Whether you are detecting meat portioning on conveyors or raw dough pieces being scored before baking, VCA offers a Wenglor sensor that can help. Wenglor Ecolab-certified sensors can withstand FDA hygienic requirements. Thanks to their stainless-steel design, all water drops flow off, and the lenses are fog resistant. The sensors themselves are watertight with an enclosure rating of (IP68/IP69K). Here’s how the P2KH002 and the P2PY101 sensors can help you with your next food project:

The P2KH002:, Reflex Sensor with Background Suppression

  • The P2KH002 works with red light according to the angle measurement principle and is suitable for detecting objects against any background. The sensor always has the same switching distance, regardless of the object’s color, shape, and surface. The IO-Link interface can configure the reflex sensors (PNP/NPN, NC/NO, switching distance) and output switching statuses and distance values. The robust stainless-steel housing is resistant to oils, coolants, and cleaning agents; perfect for a low maintenance style work environment. Set it up and let it run!

The P2PY101:  Long-Range Laser Distance Sensor

  • The P2PY101 follows the principle of transit time measurement with a class 1 laser. Dynamic Sensitivity technology (DS) enables previously unattainable reception sensitivity even with weak signals. As a result, the sensors have an extensive working range of up to 32 feet and can reliably detect dark or shiny objects, even at inclined angles. The P2PY101 can provide reproducibility of 1/8 inch over the entire 32-foot range. The robust stainless-steel housing is resistant to oils, coolants, and cleaning agents. The sensor is IO-Link 1.1 capability which can exchange process data at extremely high speeds enabling output and status monitoring and preventative maintenance.


Both sensors are game changers when it comes to mass food production. In food production, only the best quality is expected and that is exactly what you get with these sensors. stainless-steel housings ensure that these devices are protected from any oils or cleaning agents and in turn prevent cross contamination from the device to the food being processed.

Want to learn more? Check out these resources for the P2KH002 and the P2PY101.

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