By: Jacob Diker

Stationary controls be gone! VCA and IDEC are excited to announce the release of the Safety Commander HT4P. Which turns once stationary controls into a mobile command center, configured to meet your needs as you see fit. With up to 3 IDEC LB switches available for installation, wired LAN communication, and compatibility with various equipment, the Safety Commander is the realistic choice when optimizing your workflow on the shop floor.

HT4P Safety Commander


Communication using wired LAN

  • Wired Local Area Networks (LAN) enable stable communication regardless of the environment. You will no longer need to be standing in front of a machine with an attached control panel or monitor to run the process. This mobility allows for greater versatility and efficiency across the team using the specified machinery.

USB charging while communicating

  • Tablet batteries are rechargeable, but they still do not last through a full day of use. The USB charging capabilities on the HT4P allow you to use the connected tablet or device significantly longer than average. No need to worry about the battery running out in the middle of a cycle with these built-in features, made to simplify your way of operation.

Equipped with mechanical switches

  • Starting with an emergency stop switch, the HT4P is configurable to your every need. With illuminated pushbuttons in green and red, along with the key selector switch or manual joystick. The HT4P is ideal for “machine plants” or “manufacturing plants” or “manufacturers” with various needs depending on the specific machines needing to be controlled.

Accommodate large tablets (up to 13 inches)

  • iPhone vs Android has been a big debate for years. With the versatility of the HT4P you’ll never have to worry about choosing. The adjustable slide mechanism is capable of fitting tablets 10in to 13 in. Additionally, restrictions regarding using a certain tablet due to its thickness or weight as the HT4P is capable of use with tablets of all sizes and depths. All that is left to decide is which tablet you think will be best for your needs, and the HT4P does the rest!

Flat or wall-mounted operation

  • Versatility is a common theme for the HT4P, and the Safety Commander continues that functionality for all your applications. The mobile HT4P can also be set as a stationary control if need be. Whether you need to check the machinery from your desk or mount it directly on the shop floor, it’s no problem for the HT4P. The device can be converted into a desktop friendly stand for your tablet.

Additional Features and Benefits

    • The rotating grips on the HT4P allow for vertical and horizontal operation, which increases the flexibility of use. The ergonomic design for improved quality makes using the device much more enjoyable. The easy to hold and operate design is functional for both left and right-handed people. Additional benefits include:
  • 2-meter drop resistance and protection
  • IP54 protection from dusty environments and even splashing or spraying of liquids.
  • Adjustable shoulder and hand straps
  • Rotation lock/unlock button.
  • Waterproof connection for wired LAN and more

Versatility at its finest

  • It’s obvious: the Safety Commander HT4P is versatile and configurable for almost any need. Practical application in the following industries has proven successful: Robot Teaching, large equipment and machinery, automotive production lines, conveyor lines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, chip mounter, food and packaging equipment. See why the Safety Commander HT4P is perfect for you!

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