VCA and IDEC are thrilled to bring you the FC6A Plus programmable logic controller. IDEC is a pioneer in programmable logic controllers, meeting your business’ automation needs decade after decade. The MicroSmart FC6A series continues its legacy by bringing you results you can trust!

IDEC’s FC6A Plus series provides impressive power in a small package with its 2060 I/O capacity, it can control large machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities. With its broad compatibility, this PLC can manage the integration into numerous set-ups. A limited approach to a problem can eat up precious time for your application and make maintenance daunting The FC6A Plus series takes some of that frustration away by offering wireless integration through Bluetooth, text, and email. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) functionality allows you to monitor your system and make effective changes fast.

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IDEC offers superior product support on their products. This support extends to the FC6A series of PLCs by giving free firmware upgrades so you can get the most out of your investment. With Standard Electric and IDEC product support, you will discover ways to maximize the productivity of your build and save money.

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FC6A Plus PLCs by IDEC give your company access to the highest standards in the electrical automation industry. Do not waste time struggling with PLCs that constrain you, the FC6A series gives you the control you need to get the job done.

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