VCA and IDEC are offering LUMIFA LEDs that provide bright, long-lasting illumination for applications from CNC machining, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive production, food processing, and chemical/pharmaceutical processes to packaging lines.

Thanks to their rugged construction with durable materials, the LEDs can withstand the toughest industrial environment and safely operate in extended temperatures up to 55°C. The LUMIFA also offers a range of IP protection ratings for use around dust, water, oil, and metal shavings to provide high-quality, uniform lighting using one-third of the power of traditional fluorescent bulbs. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in wide-range of styles & sizes
  • Energy efficient
  • Bright uniform lighting
  • Free of distracting shadows/stripes
  • Guaranteed long-lasting

To keep up with fast, demanding industrial machines, LUMIFA LEDs feature long, maintenance-free lifespans.  With zero-maintenance components, they only require attention when they need to be replaced. Even then, swapping out lights is quick and easy. 

Many units feature plug-and-play options, including quick-connect and pigtail M12 connections, so production does not have to be halted to replace one.  Due to the high-quality illumination provided by IDEC LUMIFA LEDs, faster and more accurate visual inspections of machines can be made which leads to higher productivity.