VCA and ABB are offering the new Push-In Spring Motor Solution. This technology is revolutionizing motor starting solution installation! One push is all that is required for extremely fast wiring.  Since no tool is required, the Push-In Spring can save wiring time by up to 50% compared to conventional spring solutions.  The tagline “Just Push It” says it all as that clearly describes the speed, ease, and reliability of the Push-In Spring Motor Solution.

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% tool-free installation
  • One-step insertion
  • 2X’s faster wiring
  • No need to retighten after transportation
  • Reliable connections

The simplicity of the Push-in Spring provides unmatched ease of use. This has two distinct advantages.  First, the wiring and de-wiring become far more intuitive, eliminating the need for special training.   Second, it reduces and virtually eliminates the chance of wiring errors. All cable and connecting links use the same round shape entry, while the square terminals are clearly marked with screwdriver symbols.

For the first time, the 2-in-1 connection can be used with ferruled and rigid cables (Push-In mode) or cables without ferrules (Spring mode) in the same terminal.  In Push-In mode, there is no need to use a tool, speeding things up and boosting productivity like never before.  The smart accessories are also 100% tool-free, significantly reducing installation time with mounting connecting kits.

All of these features and advantages come without any compromise in the reliability of the connections.  This gives users complete peace of mind, speed, and reliability when using the Push-In Spring Motor Starting Solution.