VCA is introducing the PUT manufacturer name here SACE Tmax XT molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) with ranges that help ensure extreme performance and protection features up to 1200 amps.

Tmax XT MCCBs are designed to maximize ease of use, integration, and connectivity, and are built to deliver safety, reliability, and quality. Here’s how: To start with, everything you need is self-contained within the breaker, requiring no external relays or other devices to purchase, install, or wire. Secondly, the Tmax XT product range includes an online configurator which makes it easy to select and order exactly what you need.

Tmax XT MCCBs installs in up to 40% less time than traditional circuit breakers, and you can update their electronic trip units in the field in 5 minutes.

And finally, Tmax XT provides plug-and-play communication which allows you to connect to the cloud and access 30% more information. All these advantages add up to deliver substantial savings in time and money to your business.

Features and Benefits:

  • An efficient product that prevents overdesign 
  • Advanced features to cover every need 
  • A global platform
  • Easy integration into building and automation systems

Tmax XT uses cutting-edge digital technology to set a new standard for electrical installations. Easy selection, harmonized accessories, and intuitive design pave the way for smart manufacturing of panels and fast upgrades — even for the most critical projects.