I/O System Field modular machines from VCA and WAGO offers high performance and connectivity in the harshest of environments.  WAGO’s I/O System is an all-in-one solution for your networking and production needs.

The I/O System Field is a series of compact and durable high-speed fieldbus modules. WAGO Ethernet based fieldbuses ensure a high level of connectivity. The series of fieldbuses support OPC, UA, and Bluetooth® as well as MQTT, the IIOT protocol, for cloud-based compatibility.

The 32-amp power supply offers 2 amps per DO and 4 amps for I/O link devices. The power supply is adjustable and can be monitored via the diagnostic system.

The I/O System offers enhanced diagnostic functionality and provides you with the ability to monitor electrical output, sense, as well as warning you when overcurrent limits are being reached before the need of a complete shutdown.

This IP67 rated system offers cabinet free automation. The modules are light enough to mount as close to a job as needed or use in a more mobile approach. With 16 programmable DIO Channels and easily distinguishable markings, the I/O System of modules offer a friendly user experience.

Connectivity and ease of access are vital in ensuring the success of your production. WAGO’s I/O System Field not only exceeds the standards of today’s network protocols, but it also swings the door open for your future networking needs.


  • Supports 8 IO-Link ports
  • Comprehensive and easy to read device diagnostics keep you informed on your device’s performance
  • Customizable channels for tracking current, voltage, and setting overload limits.
  • Range of temperature operation is an incredible -13°F to 158°F
  • Rugged IP67 housing for protection in the harshest of conditions.