VCA and ABB are now offering an even more powerful and more accurate circuit breaker; the upgraded Emax 2.

The Emax 2 has upgraded electronics which means the user experience and the interaction with the device has been simplified.  The connectivity capabilities are drastically improved, and a unique architecture between Air Circuit Breakers and Molded Case Circuit Breaker has been created. The circuit breakers can measure with a higher degree of accuracy, which makes them first-in-class in technology.  All of these improvements are made available while maintaining the same mechanical performances, system installation, certifications, and of course, reliability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Emax 1 is customizable throughout its entire lifecycle
  • Upgrades are possible at any time and any place
  • Embedded Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity provides easier access to ABB Marketplace TM
  • More uptime by eliminating the shutdown during upgrades or routine system updates

Emax 2 is now certified for Class 1 energy accuracy in accordance with IEC61557-12. The accuracy of the current has also been improved and it is now detectable at extremely low values, starting at 0.004 In. This makes Emax 2 the perfect fit for more sophisticated supervisory systems.

Since the mechanical and protection aspects of the Emax 2 remain the same, there is no impact on sys­tem installation, insulation performances, short cir­cuit capabilities, and thermal behavior.

As a result, this preserves the validity of all current certifications.