As a Controls Engineer, are you tasked with the responsibility of designing, operating, and maintaining ever increasing number of networked devices? You’re’ not alone. Industrial ETHERNET’s importance is quickly growing as more Ethernet based devices are being added to control systems. And it’s essential that you’re ensuring high reliability, availability, and ease of use within your industrial network, while still maintaining strict security and redundancy requirements that are essential in an industrial environment.

WAGO’s new line of Lean Managed Switches are designed to make your life easier. Complete with a dashboard for you to easily visualize network health, and topology maps for speedy troubleshooting, the Lean Managed Switches offer a variety of industrial networking tools including firewalls, and ring redundancy without the office IT application overhead.

The advantages of WAGO’s Lean Managed Switches include:

  • It’s an economical variant of a managed switch
  • Easy troubleshooting in network allows for users with little IT knowledge
  • It is designed for intuitive handling during configuration and life cycle

Standard Electric recently featured WAGO’s Lean Managed Switches in their Hot Products video newsletter. Check out the video below, and you’ll see the Lean Managed Switches at 5:00: