ABB’s newest generation of molded case circuit breakers, the SACE Tmax XT series, is more than meets the eye.

It will save you money.

As a self-contained circuit breaker, everything you need is included. You won’t have to purchase, install or wire any external relays, gateways or other devices. The Tmax XT series also includes a wide arrange of options and accessories that you’re able to quickly select and order via an online configurator. Get what you need, and skip what you don’t!

It will save you time.

The Tmax XT MCCBs install up to 40% faster than traditional circuit breakers, and you can update its electronic trip units in the field in just five minutes. Plus, the Tmax XT includes plug-and-play communication that allows you to connect to the cloud and access up to 30% more information, no matter where you are.

No matter your application, there is a SCAE Tmax circuit breaker that will fit your needs. The XT1, XT3 and XT6 include basic functionality for commercial and light industrial applications. If you need more advanced functionality for heavy-duty industrial applications, the XT2 XT4, XT5 or XT7 would be a better fit.

To determine which circuit breaker would work best for your application, reach out to the team at Vision Controls & Automation. Our team of technical experts is here to help.