Vision Controls & Automation announced our partnership with TOSIBOX late last year. TOSIBOX has created the new standard for secure OT networks, remote maintenance and network management. If we haven’t already convinced you that you should use TOSIBOX to secure networks, here are the top five reasons why you should consider it.

It’s Simple: You can build and manage a secure OT network in minutes.

  • Easy configuration-free Plug & GoTM implementation without special IT skills
  • Create and manage access groups: Limit access, add new users and objects simply by drag and drop.
  • IT/OT convergence solved
  • ”Self-healing” network: TosiOnlineTM automatically reconnects dropped connections.

It’s Timeless: TOSIBOX deals with both legacy and future systems.

  • Technology makes the legacy hardware and future systems compatible.
  • Internet connection, operator, and device agnostic
  • Works both in internal and external networks.

It’s Secure: TOSIBOX includes tested and audited security.

  • Technology based on two-factor authentication, automatic security updates and latest encryption technology
  • One TOSIBOX® Lock device protects all devices behind it.

It’s Modular: TOSIBOX is designed with unlimited expandability and flexibility.

  • Easily extend the network when you need to.
  • Grow from one object to thousands, without changing the system.
  • TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock turns your TOSIBOX® ecosystem into a controlled operational network of always-on VPN connections for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging.

It’s Unique: No one else offers TOSIBOX’s globally patented point-to-point connection.

  • Point-to-point data flow: data streams directly between two modules, no cloud
  • Two-way communication offers the  benefits of IoT plus remote maintenance with one technology.
  • Globally awarded solution