TOSIBOX is the new standard for building global networks. Designed with simplifying remote connectivity in mind, TOSIBOX is an easy to implement and easy to use solution for creating and managing global operational networks, while automating the creation of secure remote access.

With remote connections being more important than ever, TOSIBOX‘s solution allows you to save time and money by performing tasks remotely providing the same level of service to your customers. TOSIBOX provides a cost-effective and easy way for your team to collect data and maintain access remotely by securely managing technical devices through a lock and key versus cloud storage approach.

TOSIBOX solution advantages include:

  • No monthly fees
  • Unlimited Data and Bandwidth
  • Always “On” connection
  • Less than five minutes to deploy
  • Don’t need to open any firewall
  • Scalable for future growth
  • Audited and patented security

How TOSIBOX Works:                                                                                              

The TOSIBOX solution creates a direct point-to-point VPN tunnel between the customer and their device. Its modular components offer unlimited expandability and flexibility and all the components are compatible with each other.  It is internet connection, operator, and device agnostic. The solution works with both internal and external networks, and customers can connect modern IoT devices and legacy systems.

TOSIBOX Solution:

From easy and secure VPN remote access to scalable ecosystems, TOSIBOX connects people, edge connectivity and centralized data points for people devices, management, and connectivity.


 TOSIBOX® Key is a client used to access the network. The ecosystem can have several admins and numerous users using physical TOSIBOX® Keys, TOSIBOX® Mobile Client app or TOSIBOX® SoftKey software licenses.


TOSIBOX® Lock can be 1) a router with firewall sharing access to devices or 2) a software installed inside a third-party device. As the company grows, more Locks can be added to various locations.


TOSIBOX® Hub is the platform for easy OT network and access rights management. You can limit access, add new users and objects simply by drag and drop.


The TOSIBOX® MatchMaker background service is the heart of TOSIBOX® connectivity. It helps users find the Locks that their Key has access to, no matter where the Lock or the user are located. The MatchMaker provides a global relay network that helps to establish the connection.