When you think about quality machine performance with cost-effective solutions that surpass the competition, think no further than GAM. As one of the largest gear reducers and servo coupling manufacturers in the industry, their expansive product range and ability to modify the standard design, establish their place as a reliable and customized line to support your motor needs.

With so many different options available for motor control and performance, it’s difficult to determine which solution delivers the highest efficiency. In the coupling market, there is no universal testing method for torsional stiffness, causing many manufacturer’s numbers to vary and often overstate the stiffness ratings of their couplings. This impacts a design engineer’s ability to select couplings with a stiffness that will result in the most efficient cycling.

Through an independent study, GAM coordinated a test to once and for all level the playing field and compare couplings against each other and their previously published stiffness ratings. After testing three manufacturers using the same process, GAM reported that across the board there was a stark difference in measured torsion against the numbers being published by those manufacturers.  Results showed, at their most significant point, 35.1% of a coupling’s published torsional stiffness actually reflected their measured stiffness.  This discrepancy highlights the need for consistent reporting and measurement within the industry.

GAM’s published torsional stiffness accounted for 90-92% of their study-measured stiffness, making them the most accurate manufacturer to publish their measured results.

The higher your torsional stiffness the better your motor performs and generates faster cycling times. This is a feature most designers look for when selecting couplings to increase the ROI and efficiency of their motor.


GAM offers four different types of couplings to increase torsional stiffness, reduce backlash, and retain positioning.

Bellows Couplings

  • Torque values from 0.44 Nm to 2,500 Nm
  • High torsional rigidity, low inertia, zero-backlash, and misalignment compensation
  • Can be used at temperatures up to 570°F without any limitations and maintenance-free
  • Patented Press-Fit method of joining the bellow to the hubs can withstand harsh environments where glued connections cannot
  • High speeds: rotational speeds up to 25,000 RPM without additional balancing

Elastomer Couplings

  • The use of elastomer spiders with shore hardness ratings from 72-D to 98-A permit dampening of vibration caused by system resonance
  • An affordable alternative if high stiffness is not critical
  • The involute shaped teeth of the elastomer spider and jaws are preloaded and will not loosen over time.
  • Ensures zero backlashes and allows for easy plug-in assembly

Safety Couplings

  • Torques values up to 3000Nm
  • Safety couplings minimize expensive damage when a collision occurs in a high-performance servo drive system.
  • Bellows Style, Elastomer Style, Single Bost Radial, and Conical Clamping Design safety couplings are available.

Distance Couplings

  • Precision machined to the required length and balanced for high speeds
  • Designed for simple one-person installation
  • Zero-backlash, torsionally stiff
  • Compensation for shaft misalignments prevents premature bearing failures
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