This November, WAGO’s Product Manager unveiled the second generation to the PFC200 controller. As new product generations such as WAGO’s PFC200 are released, these devices are amped up with newest emerging technologies and capabilities.

Let’s breakdown the most notable changes between WAGO’s first and second generation PFC200:



At first glance, the new 750-8215 hosts a considerable amount of new options over the previous generation. For starters, the controller’s width has increased over an inch in order to accommodate the new power capabilities of its PROFINET ports. The addition of these two ethernet ports allow the device to be switched for use as a line configuration to a PROFIBUS master.

Increased Memory

Inside the remodeled white exterior, the 750-8215 carries double the RAM (512 MB) and over fifteen times the internal flash memory (4000 MB) of the previous generation. This increase in memory has been added to support the PFC200’s PROFINET ports as well as allow for faster data computing across configurations.

CANopen port

The addition of the CANopen port allows the PFC200 to connect to other devices on a CAN network. This helps provide standardized communication objects for time-critical processes, configurations, and network management data. WAGO’s IIoT-ready device has been upgraded to maximize on the impact of its first-generation controller. With a higher memory capacity and extra ethernet connections, WAGO has delivered a powerhouse controller to compete in the IIoT industry.

To learn more about implementing the second generation PFC200, contact your Account Manager.