Red Lion Controls recently expanded their line of Industrial Ethernet Switching Solutions with the N-Tron 716M12 and Sixnet SLX-5EG, SLX-3EG and SLX-3ES switches and media converters. These new Ethernet switches and converters provide high performance in a rugged package to meet networking requirements for industrial applications such as transportation and video surveillance.


The N-Tron 716M12 managed switches deliver 16 Ethernet ports with M12 connectors in a rugged IP67 enclosure, ideal for wash down, temporary water immersion, offshore, dust proof, military, power substation, transportation and other outdoor applications that experience exposure to liquids and excessive dirt and dust. The Sixnet SLX also utilizes rugged packaging for superior reliability in extreme environments as well as easy-to-use switches that require no user setup and work right out of the box. The Sixnet SLX-5EG switches provide 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports for real-time operation and high performance in industrial networking environments.


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