The ABB F200 series residual current devices (RCDs) provide ground fault equipment protection by monitoring the leakage of current to ground. The F200 Series will trip when ground faults are detected in excess of the residual current trip rating of the device. These devices feature bi-directional cylindrical terminals that provide safe and easy protection and can be used in ambient conditions where the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere has values between -13°F and 131°.


The F200 series can be used as a main device providing GF protection for several MCB branch devices. The F200 series are UL1053 recognized for use in 480Y/277VAC applications in the USA and Canada. The F202 can be used in single phase/two wire or two wire systems. The F204 can be used in three phase/four wire systems. The F200 series RCDs replace the F360, F370 and F660 series without changing the fit, form or function. The F200 has a profile similar to the S2 miniature circuit breakers, MCBs, and can be used with the MCB busbars.