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Pushing it to the Extreme with IDEC’s Push Buttons & CW Switches

VCA and IDEC are offering two unique products, Piezo Push Buttons and CW Touchless Switches. One is going to help you when you are in unusual environments and the other when you aren’t able to touch the switch at all.

The Piezo Push Buttons are designed to perform in extreme application environments where conventional push buttons cannot. Environments include sub-freezing to high temperatures and high-pressure washdowns. With no moving parts, the solid-state IDEC Piezo Switches do not trap moisture, dust, debris, or germs. All IDEC Piezo Switches are built with LEDs with some models featuring dual-color illumination.

The CW switches provide the ideal solution when touching the switch is not possible. Rated for outdoor use, they have an adjustable detection range of up to 10 inches. These switches are ideal for conditions where hygiene and infection risk reduction is needed such as the food or medical industry.  The CW switches also feature a two-color LED display and delay timer for ease of use with the device.  The Touchless switches can be used in a wide range of applications as one of the major infection control measures.

Features & Benefits:

IDEC CW SwitchesIDEC PIEZO Push Buttons
Protective structure; IP65/67; UL Type 4X Cert.Rugged uni-body construction; no moving parts
Protective structure; IP65/67; UL Type 4X Cert.IP68 & IP 69K protection
2-color LED illumination22mm or 30mm diam. w/ring or dot LED indicator
Near-infrared reflective system12CSX or 24VDC rating
Adjustable detection distance up to 270 mmShort stainless steel 316L housing (food grade)
Delay time availableSingle or dual-color LED illumination
Side-viewable LED models; over 50 million operations

CW Touchless Switches

Piezo Switches

The IDEC Piezo Push Buttons and IDEC CW Switches are the ideal products where weather resistance and robustness are required, and where many people operate the equipment.

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