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ABB Industrial Drives

Customizable to meet all needs

The modularity and wide range of options, including different field bus adapters and speed feedback devices, increases the potential for customization. Embedded ModBus as standard and one of the most extensive standard I/O offering on the market make these new drive modules ideal for complex applications. In addition, the drive’s flexible construction allows you to select only the features that are needed.

All application parameters can be easily selected via the control panel. In addition, intuitive PC tools are available to carry out function block programming, allowing the user to customize a drive for a specific application without the need for additional hardware.

Maximized process up-time

Many features have been implemented to enhance the reliability and durability of the drives:

  • Maintenance assistant: to take care of the preventive maintenance of the drive and its components
  • Diagnostic assistant: to help locate the cause of any disturbance to the drive and suggest possible remedies
  • Coated boards within the drive: for increased protection
  • A removable memory unit provides easy maintenance by storing the complete firmware and all user settings and motor data. Thus, if the drive is replaced, it can be recommissioned quickly and easily without needing to install software or download data.

Fast and easy commissioning

ABB industrial drive modules feature several macros which have pre-set, application-specific parameter settings, enabling fast and easy commissioning. Complementing the pre-set macros, the drive has an intelligent and intuitive start-up assistant with help function to make parameter-by-parameter setting easy. In addition, there are several advanced functions such as short and long parameter menus, I/O mapping and changed parameters list, making the drive easy to use. All these functions are accessed via the user-friendly control panel.

Safety as standard

Additional safety is provided by an integrated Safe Torque-Off (STO) feature, which removes the torque from the motor shaft. This safety feature conforms with the requirements of SIL 3/IEC 61508, Cat 4/EN 954-1, EN ISO 13849-1:PL e. Solutions for  other safety functions such as Safe Brake Control (SBC) and Safe Limited Speed (SLS) are also available.

Precise and reliable control

The performance and functionality of ABB industrial drive modules is based on the ultimate in motor control technology, Direct Torque Control (DTC). DTC has new enhanced features such as:

  • Low motor noise mode
  • Enhanced motor identification at standstill
  • Higher output frequency
  • Support for both asynchronous and permanent magnet motors as standard
  • Improved torque and speed performance, especially at low speed

For master-follower configurations, drive-to-drive communication is provided as standard.

Save money and the environment

The modules feature an energy optimizer which maximizes the total efficiency of the drive and the motor. The energy saving calculator records the amount of energy consumed and saved in kWh. The drive cooling fans are also monitored and controlled for even greater energy savings.

These features will allow users to lower their power consumption, helping them reduce CO2 emissions.

Services and support

The modules are complemented by extensive documentation and support material for cabinet installation. Advanced PC tools are also available for dimensioning, programming, commissioning and maintaining of the drives.

The ABB industrial drive modules are supported by the company’s extensive global service infrastructure covering more than 60 countries along with a strong partner network.

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