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WAGO’s Second Generation PFC200 Controller


This November, WAGO’s Product Manager unveiled the second generation to the PFC200 controller. As new product generations such as WAGO’s PFC200 are released, these devices are amped up with newest emerging technologies and capabilities.

Let’s breakdown the most notable changes between WAGO’s first and second generation PFC200:

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Flexy 205 from EWON

flexy-2052725f70422ce670692f4ff00001bbfd4This internet gateway monitors and collects KPIs, allowing for better analysis and monitoring of remote access. Continue reading

TruONE Automatic Transfer Switch


The TruONE automatic transfer switch can be described as a critical breakthrough for critical power. Continue reading

ACS380 Machinery Drives from ABB

ACS380_SingleImageIncrease productivity without sacrificing performance with this robust and compact drive from ABB. Continue reading

UL 61010 Replaces UL 508 for Industrial Power Supplies

The efforts in the United States to adopt international standards instead of insisting on national norms is a very positive move. Although UL 508 is still valid among standards, its no longer listed as consideration for assessment. Continue reading

Switch Mode Power Supplies by OMRON

omron_psS8VK-WA eliminates design concerns and ensures phase balance in the latest from OMRON’s three-phase production lines.

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ACS580 General Purpose Drives

ACS580 drives are equipped with all the essential and necessary components to ensure your applications are controlled reliably. Continue reading

Electrical Braking from ABB


No. 8 in ABB’s technical guide series focuses on electrical braking as it relates to cranes, elevators, centrifuges, downhill conveyors, and test benches. Continue reading

WAGO Brings Security


WAGO has responded to requirements for automation components with the PFC100 and PFC200 Series Controllers. Both providing simple connections to DHCP, DNS, SNTP, FTP, Telnet, http, and Modbus TCP/UDP networks. These controllers offer direct password protection creating layered security protection to protect again access to functions, programming contents, and the introduction of malware. Continue reading

DA10D and DA30DO Protocol Conversion and Data Acquisition Systems


This Red Lion Automation Series brings real-time data to all corners of the workplace. Acting as an integral part of any plant’s data collection, visualization, and management system, the DAx0D series assists operation decisions in making lasting impacts. With its user-friendly web server, industry leading conversion, and versatility in integration, Red Lion sets the standard for industrial automation.

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