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A Modern Approach to IP67 Distributed I/O: Automate and Network Modular Machines for the Future

Designed to meet the requirements of modern decentralized production facilities WAGO’s new I/O System Field provides maximum performance and high-level connectivity with an IP67 rating. The I/O System Field offers superior flexibility with two housing types: cast zinc and non-encapsulated with electronics.

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The WAGO Pro 2: A Power Supply Game Changer

In March of this year WAGO released their highly anticipated Pro 2 power supply, and with it an abundance of features to make this the power supply for your control cabinet.

Performance Versatility

With an array of load management functions, the Pro 2 offers some of the greatest versatility on the market while staying in a cost-effective price range.

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One Thing is Consistent: Peak Performance

When you think about quality machine performance with cost-effective solutions that surpass the competition, think no further than GAM. As one of the largest gear reducers and servo coupling manufacturers in the industry, their expansive product range and ability to modify the standard design, establish their place as a reliable and customized line to support your motor needs.

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TE Connectivity DBL Power Distribution Blocks

These innovative power distribution blocks from TE Connectivity will transformer how you distribute power inside your electrical cabinet. Made with flexibility in mind, DBL Power Distribution Blocks offer numerous configurations to the group, split, and double connect your power source.

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ABB’s TrueONE Automatic Transfer Switch

Simplify and streamline enclosure space with ABB’s TrueONE™ ATS solution. This consolidated product offers speedy installation by eliminating all wire harnesses, distributor electronics, voltage transformers, and external controllers in favor of a four-screw install. That cuts down on installation time by up to 80%.

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WAGO’s XTREME Solution

WAGO’s 750 XTR Series delivers reliability and high mechanical performance in extreme environments. With enhanced temperature, vibration, and altitude benefits, the 750 XTR is the perfect addition to any enclosure.

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Generation 2 PFC200 PLC Controllers

9886477811742The newest product to be introduced to WAGO’s 750 XTR series is the Generation 2 PFC200 PLC Controller. This harsh environment protecting device is built to withstand an operating temperature range between -40°C and 70°C, making it the ultimate global solution PLC controller. With high vibration and shock resistance, WAGO’s I/O system requires no additional protection against climatic or mechanical forces. Continue reading


PULS_qt40_241-b2_L_300dpiPULS’ Q-Series DIN-rail power supplies brings IO-Link capabilities to register real-time information for operators and system manufacturers. This IIoT device increases system availability and reduces maintenance and operating costs. With 3-phase DIN rail power supply, PULS delivers the first product to market to communicate via IO-link. Continue reading

ACS880-01 Wall-Mounted Single Drives with Extension Box

A9Rxweuke_145ozyf_do4ABB’s all-compatible drive combines the power of the ACS880-01 base drive with a simple package to make installation easier so that you can optimize your energy efficiencies, maximize output, and simplify operations. Continue reading

WAGO’s Industrial Ethernet Switches

ethernetWAGO’s five new Ethernet switches address the needs of factory, process, and energy markets with expanded temperature operation.   Continue reading