At Vision Control & Automation, our entire business is built around providing superior customer service and support.

Our goal as a distributor is not only to deliver quality products on time, but also to help reduce your overall operating costs and increase productivity.

Vision Control & Automation
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Career Opportunities

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Only through the efforts of an exceptional group of associates, are we be able to realize our mission. We will work together cooperatively to produce extraordinary results for our customers. All associates will be committed to the customer first principle and will be obligated to provide them with the best possible service.Furthermore, associates will be characterized by the friendly and enthusiastic manner, professionalism, and integrity they exhibit in all of their activities. They will have high expectations of themselves and will only be satisfied with exceptional performance.
We will do everything necessary to attract, nurture, and reward exceptional associates and to instill an instinctive drive to serve customers. In doing so, we will foster their growth, and the growth of our company.