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Engineer Spotlight – Pat Pizur

Meet… Pat Pizur! Pat is a Business Development Specialist with Vision Control & Automation. He works out of our Appleton, WI location. Get to know Pat!

Technical Solutions Team

Our Mission is Your Future The Technical Solutions Team at Standard Electric Supply Co. began in 1994 with a mission to offer superior technical support and solution-oriented products to our customers. With a broad spectrum of experience, Standard Electric’s team of...

Get Ahead with the Omron K6PM Thermal Condition Monitor

The K6PM is a compact, thermal condition monitor that utilizes a controller with a built-in display and a remote thermal image camera, allowing users to monitor critical components at a safe distance in real-time and allows the ability to perform predictive maintenance, respond quickly, and decrease downtime.

Go All-In-One with IDEC FT2J Series PLC + HMI

The IDEC FT2J Series PLC controller with a 7″ high resolution operator interface (HMI) display and expandable I/O is the leading all-in-one choice for a wide variety of industries and applications.

WAGO Basic Controllers

Stay in control and simplify your industrial automation applications with WAGO programmable Basic Controllers. When automation engineers need controls with proven performance, smooth system integration, and reduced operating costs, they rely on WAGO’s line of programmable Basic Controllers to provide flexibility, speed, and enhanced machine performance.

ABB Drives the Food & Beverage Industry

If meeting the ever-evolving consumer demand in the food and beverage industry with increased production, lower costs, and enhanced quality is what drives your business, look no further than ABB Drives to guide you.

Omron F3SG-SR Series Safety Light Curtain

For flexible work environments with protection for your workers and equipment without false trips that shut down your processes, the Omron F3SG-SR Series provides a broad line-up of safety light curtains ranging from finger protection to full body protection. During...