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ISO Certification

ISO 9001:2000

In 2004, Vision Control and Automation, received it’s ISO Certification to be used as a framework for continuous quality improvement for the company.

“We made ISO the foundation of our company for ongoing process improvement, not just a paperwork process,” said Cassie Petty, Vice President of Quality Assurance. 

The ISO system has become an important part of our business culture. Petty believes they have adopted a unique implementation of the ISO system.

“Within ISO, you will find there are not a lot of musts. They just give you guidelines and you can do as little or as much as you want,” said Petty.

Vision Control & Automation associates are introduced to the system on their first day or work as part of a detailed orientation program established for all associates.

A Quality Management System has also emerged within Vision Control & Automation that focuses on ongoing process improvements. It has created a quality driven environment and encourages associates to be involved in the development and improvement of daily procedures.

“ISO makes us accountable for what we say we are going to do and also allows us to evaluate processes on an ongoing basis,” said Petty.

Under the guidelines of ISO, Vision Control & Automation has implemented a system for reporting and resolving any opportunities for improvement within the company. These occurrences are entered into a database and evaluated on a monthly basis.

“Each opportunity for improvement is reviewed and addressed by a manager. In addition, if multiple, similar, opportunities for improvement occur, we issue a corrective action,” said Petty.

The corrective action is a formal request to a manager to examine a function and determine the root cause of the issue. Managers then advise on a course of action.

In addition, preventative actions are an essential part of the system.