At Vision Control & Automation, our entire business is built around providing superior customer service and support.

Our goal as a distributor is not only to deliver quality products on time, but also to help reduce your overall operating costs and increase productivity.

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7 Reasons to Partner with Vision Control

Vision Control & Automation’s commitment and focus are to continually support our customer’s growth and success. Our services increase profitability, reduce costs, reduce project duration, and improve your team’s knowledge. Here are seven bona fide services Vision Control and Automation offers to help your company become more successful:

1) Real Support Services

Standard Electric recognized that a well-trained Support Team was critical when it came to proficiently answering questions and providing solutions to customers regarding products: particularly with today’s technological advancements.  In response to this need, VCA has a 24/7 emergency support line for our customers to ensure they promptly get their questions answered.

2) Value Engineering Assessment

A Value Engineering Assessment is an additional service that we offer.  Our Technical Solutions Team meets with the OEM’s production and design team and breaks down the design of a machine, analyzes each production step, and develops procedures to manufacture products in a more straightforward, better, faster, safer, and less expensive manner.

3) Kitting
Outsourced contract kitting is an effective way to control costs. Utilizing a proven outside kitting and assembly service reduces direct overhead while saving you time and providing increased scheduling flexibility. From sorting parts by the panel for easier assembly in your shop to having DIN rails pre-built, Vision Control and Automation can help you develop a solution to satisfy your needs.

4) Enclosure Modifications Services
We can provide enclosures customized to your specifications, including assembly, cut-outs, sub-panel modifications (drilled & tapped), and custom painting. This service reduces your team’s time on non-value-added tasks.

5) Inventory Management
Our Inventory Management Services provide solutions designed to increase both productivity and profitability.  We manage your inventory and maintain backup inventory at our facilities. We help you eliminate ordering/receiving and stockroom management costs. Furthermore, you receive the dual benefit of lower inventory carrying costs by reducing on-hand inventory, and increased efficiency by eliminating stock-outs.

6) Classes And Webinars
Vision Control and Automation offers technical training tailored to your needs. We offer webinars, in-person classes, and video-based training.  Courses cover various topics, from the latest electrical safety updates to electrical codes, automation innovation, the Industrial Internet of Things, and everything in between.

7) Keeping You Updated on New Products
Vision Control and Automation keeps our customers updated on the latest technology that can potentially be of benefit, and we do this via emails, demos of products, or vendor Shows on the Road. Our Show on the Road is a great way to introduce your team to several suppliers without wasting time, as multiple vendors come to one location to exhibit/explain their products.

Looking for a partner to bring a new experience to your business and help your company grow and improve? Reach out to Vision Control & Automation today!

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