Stay in control and simplify your industrial automation applications with WAGO programmable Basic Controllers. When automation engineers need controls with proven performance, smooth system integration, and reduced operating costs, they rely on WAGO’s line of programmable Basic Controllers to provide flexibility, speed, and enhanced machine performance.

750 Basic Controller 100 Series

Simplicity at its best


Highlighted Features:

  • Dual Ethernet ports support protocols including MODBUS TCP/UDP
  • Programmed with CODESYS 3.5 development software
  • Built-in Web Server to host HTML 5 Web Visualizations
  • On board Security features
  • Support most of the 500+ 750 series I/O modules



Basic Controller 100 ECO
  • Memory: Programming 16MB / Data 16MB / Retained 64KB / File system 1GB
  • 700mA total current for local bus modules
  • Real-Time Operating System (Non-Linux)
  • 2 inches wide

WAGO 750-8000 Basic Controller 100 ECO


Basic Controller 100
  • Memory: Programming 16MB / Data 32MB / Retained 128KB / File system 1GB
  • Push-in 32GB SD Card Slot with sealable lid
  • 1700mA total current for local bus modules
  • Real-Time Operating System (Non-Linux)
  • 2.4 inches wide

Programming & Configuration

Web Based Management system for simple configuration and system maintenance


CODESYS 3.5 Development software

  • Languages: Ladder Diagram, Function Block, Continuous Function Chart, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart, Instruction List
  • Integrated HTML 5 Web visualizations
  • Online debugging and programing tools
  • Free programming software
  • No maintenance fees
  • No renewal fees
  • No cost updates

Environmental Conditions

  • 32 °F…131 °F Operating Temperature
  • -13 °F… 185 °F Storage temperature
  • IP20 enclosure
  • Relative humidity without condensation 95%
  • Vibration 4G per IEC 60068-2-6
  • Shock resistance 15g per IEC 600068-2-27
  • cULus 61010 Certification
  • UL 121201 & CSA C22.2 No. 213 Hazardous Location
  • Marine DNV approval


  • Industrial Fieldbuses
  • OPC UA Server/Client/PubSub
  • MQTT / SparkPlug B
  • CODESYS Network Variables over UDP
  • USB Service Cable for direct access
  • Dual Switched Ethernet ports

Security Built-In

  • HTTP web server security via TLS 1.3 Syslog event log
  • Webserver with integrated RBAC (Role Based Access Control)


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