VCA and IDEC are now offering the world’s smallest safety laser scanner that uniquely provides connectivity in safety-critical applications.

The IDEC’s SE2L ultra-compact safety laser scanner is the first of its kind to offer leader functionality and dual protection zones.  One SE2L scanner can act as a master and communicate with up to three other scanners. This reduces the required number of input and communication channels on the controller and permits lower-cost controllers to be applied in applications requiring full 360-degree protection for an AGV.   The SE2L’s dual-zone protection capability can scan two adjacent zones simultaneously and independently.  Therefore, you get the performance of two scanners for the cost of one.

The SE2L scanner provides a standard 270-degree arc of protection at a distance of up to five meters for the closest warning zone, and 20 meters for each of two additional warning zones. This is easily configurable using the free programming software or the scanner’s teach mode. Each zone’s shape within the pattern can be configured in the software, and each zone activates a different signal output from the scanner.

The SE2L safety laser scanner is certified for use on automated guided vehicles (AGVs), forklifts, robots, and other moving equipment.

Features & Benefits:

  • 5m safety protection zone, 20m warning zone & 270° sensing angle
  • Easy to use configuration software included (SLS Project Designer)
  • Controller setup simplified when multiple units are needed with Master & Slave function
  • All accessories are available in one place:  Cables, mounting brackets, optical windows

Working safely doesn’t happen by accident; it takes the IDEC SE2L Safety Laser Scanner to protect people and equipment.