When it comes to machine and systems engineering, the need for flexible and modular systems is becoming more prevalent. Key to that success is decentralization of system components.  Decentralization speeds up system planning, simplifies maintenance and enables easy expansion of the system.

With this in mind, PULS created the Field Power Supply, also known as FIEPOS. FIEPOS is an alternative to traditional power supplies that are centralized in the control cabinet. A decentralized field power system with IP54, IP65 and IP67 ratings, FIEPOS is easy to install and flexible enough to meet the diverse requirements of modular factory automation.

Before the introduction of FIEPOS, the centralized supply of peripheral devices in the field required long cable runs with a large cross-section. Due to the power losses caused by the long cables, the power supply had to be over-sized. Now with FIEPOS, field power supplies are perfect for supplying spacious applications with energy in a decentralized, efficient, and flexible way. This enables a modular system structure as well as an effective expansion, maintenance and retrofitting of individual components of the system.

The initial release of the FIEPOS series include three 300W models and three 500W models with 3-phase input power. PULS offers both Basic versions with one output or eFused with up to four programmable outputs. All models also offer a status output of either DC-OK contact, or I/O-Link.

Want to hear more about the FIEPOS from a member of our team? Check out our Hot Products video below, where Clayton Larson, an Application Specialist from our Technical Solutions Team: