ABB customers have long been requesting a Type 4X drive that is UV resistant for outdoor applications, and with the re-designed ACS255, their need has been met!  With new UV resistant plastic covers and facia decal/display windows, the ACS255 is more suitable for outdoor applications where UV exposure would degrade the components of other 4X drives.

The ACS255 Type 4X mechanical design has been updated and improved in multiple areas to allow for a better user experience. A larger speed pot and selector switch along with a more robust disconnect handle design makes the operator controls layout much more user friendly. The buttons have also been replaced by integrated membrane for improved touch and feedback. More mechanical design improvements are:

  • Same footprint and mounting locations as existing design
  • Weight and depth have been reduced
  • Solar shades will be offered as an accessory to reduce heat on the drive from direct sunlight

The ACS255 has been made easier to wire due to increased volume in terminal areas, better positioning of the terminals, and removable gland plates. Operator control connections are made inside the drive and no longer interfere with control terminals. Other ease of use improvements made are:

  • DC bus connections covered to prevent miswiring
  • Two RJ45 ports – eliminate need for splitter
  • New gasket design and location assures a better seal for terminal cover

With all these new updated and improved designs, the ABB ACS255 micro drive is ready to be installed in harsh environments containing dust, moisture and cleaning chemicals!