ABB’s new switch offering includes switch-disconnectors designed for photovoltaic applications and are the first two-pole disconnect switches in the industry to achieve 1000 VDC rating per UL 98B. The switch-disconnectors are typically used to isolate individual strings or arrays of solar panels and battery banks. They can also be used as the main switch for the whole photovoltaic system.
The new switches are compact in size, have high DC voltage ratings and unique safety features. The featured arc supression technology delivers optimal performance with a new measure of simplicity and safety, while occupying 50 percent less space and providing substantial energy savings. Designed for use in combiner-boxes for disconnecting individual arrays, it’s modular design allows a rated operational voltage that can be scaled according to your needs, up to 1000 V.
-Reliable PV systems at a wide voltage range
-Simple and fast installation
-Suitable for warm locations
-Maximum energy efficiency of PV systems
-Breaking power optimized across the entire current range
-Safe and reliable operation