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ABB Ultra-low harmonic drives ensure pollution-free electricity supplies

Low Harmonic DrivesElectricity networks can easily be affected by harmonics, or higher-order oscillations introduced by various types of electrical equipment. Although solutions exist to counter or mitigate harmonics, it is better to install equipment that does not cause them in the first place. On the basis that “Prevention is better than cure”, ABB has developed a complete product family of variable speed drives (VSDs) that avoid these harmonics by design. The broad range of ultra-low harmonic (ULH) drives covers the complete power and voltage range for all kinds of industries and applications, providing customers with an effective solution to successfully tackle harmonic issues.

Effortless Efficiency for your Applications from ABB


“A new generation, all-compatible, wall-mounted and cabinet-built drive simplifies your processes and motor control with effortless efficiency. Allowing you to control a wide range of applications in different industries, with straightforward set up or commissioning. ACS580 is part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio, sharing the same architecture and user interfaces for easy usability. The ACS580 is plug-in ready to control your compressors, conveyors, mixers, pumps, fans and many other variable and constant torque applications.” –

Three new panel mount variants expand the flexibility of WAGO’s high-current terminal blocks

PowerCageClamp_WAGOWAGO’s new Power Cage Clamp provides the appropriate clamping force for conductors up to 2, 2/0, 4/0 AWG and 350 kcmil (35, 50, 95 and 185 mm2). It is suitable for every application and meets the toughest requirements. It is heat and cold resistant, even under the most demanding loads. This cage clamp is always reliable, vibration proof, thermal cycling resistant and has gas tight connections. With side conductor entry and orange clamps for hands-free wiring it is also easy to use.

High Performance with Advanced Range Cp-C.1 range Power Supplies

CP-C.1rangeABB’s CP-C.1 power supplies are efficient, reliable and functional in the most demanding industrial applications. They are the preferred choice for DC applications giving you the power to control.

Robot Transfer Unit from Macron

RTUThere are many applications where an articulated arm Robot needs to move an additional axis to extend the reach or provide higher levels of flexibility. Macron offers this “7th axis” capability with our RTU, Robot Transport Unit. Using a novel, flexible belt based “rack and pinion” design and structural aluminum MacFRAME components, our transport units can meet a wide variety lengths and payloads.

Get a Compact Solution to Protection Requirements with ABB

ABB’s S2 Series of miniature circuit breakers offer a compact solution to protection requirements. The S2 devices are current limiting, DIN rail mounted and offer a good equivalent to fused systems. The S2 is available with application-specific trip characteristics to provide maximum circuit protection. The breakers offer thermal-magnetic trip protection according to B, C, D, K and Z characteristics. The circuit breakers have a fast breaking time of 2.5 – 3.5 msec and feature multi-function, finger safe terminals suitable for reverse feed. The S2 Series circuit breakers are also available with a variable depth handle mechanism and optional Z curve for SCR protection. Continue reading

High Performance for Industrial Applications from Red Lion

Red Lion Controls recently expanded their line of Industrial Ethernet Switching Solutions with the N-Tron 716M12 and Sixnet SLX-5EG, SLX-3EG and SLX-3ES switches and media converters. These new Ethernet switches and converters provide high performance in a rugged package to meet networking requirements for industrial applications such as transportation and video surveillance. Continue reading

Get Reliable Overload Relay Protection from ABB

ABB’s Enclosed IEC and NEMA starters feature a durable, protective finish with industry exclusive electrophoretic dip coat prime and a power coated surface for added protection. A seamless foam-in-place gasket provides a secure seal against contaminates and ensures a water and dust tight seal, while a pre-drilled mounting plate provides easy mounting for a control circuit transformer kit.

Integrated Ethernet and Analog with the CP1L-E Micro PLC


Omron recently introduced the CP1L-E Micro PLC, the newest addition to the CP1 Series lineup. Each CPU features built-in networking, analog inputs, positioning and option expansion within the same compact product footprint.  Continue reading

Protection Against Overload with the F200 Series

The ABB F200 series residual current devices (RCDs) provide ground fault equipment protection by monitoring the leakage of current to ground. The F200 Series will trip when ground faults are detected in excess of the residual current trip rating of the device. These devices feature bi-directional cylindrical terminals that provide safe and easy protection and can be used in ambient conditions where the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere has values between -13°F and 131°. Continue reading